Thursday, May 25, 2017

Presentation on oysters with Nonesuch Oysters

The CE1 and CE2 were very excited to welcome Abigail Carroll and Alex Krieckhaus from Nonesuch Oysters to their classroom for a presentation.

Abigail talked about the oysters, their habitat, what they feed on, predators...and the students were mesmerized. They asked very good questions like what happens if oysters filter too much polluted water? Can you find pearls in oysters?

They also got to see and touch live crabs, mussels that are predators to oysters and learn how they attack and eat them.

And the...saving the best for last, the TASTING of oysters for the adventurous souls! 

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Experimenting with water

The PS and MS have been studying water, reading books about water (oceans, rivers, etc). This morning, they experimented with water in the playground.

One group was reading books.

Another group was playing with objects in water.

And another group had to fill a bucket with water using different utensils (laddle, drainer, spoon, bottle cap...).

It was so much fun!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Suzuki Concert, part 2 : guitar and violin

Today was the second part of our Suzuki concert series: guitar and violin.
It was a very special moment to witness the progress achieved by our little musicians over this past year. A special thank you to their teachers for all their dedication and time! And bravo to our artists!

Suzuki Concert, part 1 : piano and voice

We were lucky to attend a beautiful concert at the Community Hall! The progress the students have accomplished is amazing and it was truly a treat to listen to them.

Congratulations to all our amazing students and their dedicated teachers for an amazing performance!