Sunday, October 22, 2017

Poils, plumes et écailles!

In GS / CP, children are continuing to learn about animals. 

This week, they have taken a closer look at what animals eat and discovered if the animals they have learned about are carnivorous, vegetarian or omnivorous. 
Then, they chose a different way to sort animals depending on their skin and what covers it. They observed animals with fur, feathers, scales and "bare" skin. 

This work expanded into an art project.
Each child chose an animal and used ink to depict their animal's fur, feathers or scales. They then cut out the shape of the animal and glued it on the ink.
Please  take a look at their beautiful work displayed in the hallway of the school!

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Spider Cupcakes!

It's starting to get a little spooky around here!  CE1 and CE2 enjoyed a special activity in class this week.  Students worked in small groups to read and follow a recipe.  After the cupcakes were cooked, students decorated cupcakes and disguised them as spiders!

The treats were delicious.
Below is the recipe that students followed, in case you would like to make these at home.

 Bon appétit!

Muffins Araignées
 Ingrédients (6 personnes):
  ¾ de stick de beurre ramolli
  ½ cup de sucre de canne
  2 oeufs
  1 cup de farine
  1 cuillère à café de levure
  4 cuillères à café de cacao en poudre
1 ) Mélanger le beurre ramolli et le sucre jusqu'à obtenir une crème.
2) Ajouter ensuite les œufs 1 par 1 à la préparation. Mélanger après l'ajout de chaque œuf.
3) Ajouter la farine et la levure. Mélanger
4) Ajouter pour finir les quatre cuillères à café de cacao et mélanger le tout.
5) Disposer dans des moules à muffins.
6) Enfourner 10 à 15 minutes.

DECORATION des muffins :

Ingrédients :
  confiture d'abricots
  vermicelle marron
  petits bonbons ronds (pour les yeux)
  fils de réglisse (pour les pattes)

Préparation :

  1 - Étaler un peu de confiture d'abricots sur tout le dessus du muffin.
  2 - Saupoudrer de vermicelle marron (sur la confiture)
  3 - Placer 2 bonbons ronds pour faire les yeux

- 4 - Placer 8 fils de réglisse sur le coté pour faire les pattes

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Lights, Camera, Action!

The GS and CP class recently enjoyed a performance of 'Tibili le petit garçon qui ne voulait pas alter à l'école', a book written by Marie Léonard and Andrée Prigent.

Leading up to the performance, students read the book several times in class, paying close attention to characters, setting, and plot.  Students then chose specific characters from the book and began to rehearse the storyline.  They did not memorize lines from the book, but rather, were able to retell naturally the story.  They also made character props that the used in the play.

 The GS and CP were a perfect audience and enjoyed this special treat!

Check out this video below.


Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Wolfe's Neck Farm Pumpkin Science Field Trip

Students in Early Childhood had a wonderful time at the Wolf’s Neck Farm field trip! After a beautiful fall hayride on the tractor, students learned about pumpkins and even acted out the life cycle of a pumpkin. They chose their very own pumpkin to bring home! Afterwards, students toured the farm and learned about the various farm animals including the materials and products they produce as well as what they eat. What a day! In class students have already made jack o’ lantern artwork and soon will learn the science of inside of a pumpkin.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Treasure Hunt in GS/CP class

On Friday, October 6, the K-1 students had their second scavenger hunt of the year. 

They discovered a treasure box in the classroom when they came back from recess. The trouble was that it was locked and in order to open it, students had to figure out a 4 digit combination.

Students used what they had learned during the past weeks in maths, reading, spacial recognition and other subjects to solve various challenges. 

The four groups successfully opened the trunk… but the tricky pirates had protected the treasure very well! Inside the treasure box was… another box! To open the lock, they had to find a four letter French word. After piecing together all the clues, they found the word “lune” (moon) and shared their well deserved booty.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Grandparents and Special Friends Day

Every October at EFDM, we host a special event:  ‘Grandparents and Special Friends Day’. It is our annual tradition to celebrate the matriarchs and patriarchs in our students families, the people who – ultimately – made this school what it is today.  Grandparents tour the school, spend some time in their grandchild’s classroom, listen to guest speakers, and enjoy a delicious brunch.  This year we had quite a turnout. Thank you to all the grandparents that attended. We hope to see you all again next year.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Wolfe's Neck Farm Friday Bike Trips

In the Fall and Spring, our upper grade students spend Friday afternoons biking at Wolfe’s Neck Farm.  These afternoons are quite special, giving our students time to connect with one another outside of the classroom and to enjoy the outdoors.

On these trips we bike, hike, and explore the seaside.  Last Friday, we had an extra special trip that included a hayride, a garden tour, and a tour of the barn with an educator. 

 Exploring the tide pools.

On the hayride.

 Garden exploration.

 Picking raspberries.

Happy friends.