Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Early Childhood Spring Walk

Early Childhood students enjoyed a lovely walk in the field.  Students observed birds, butterflies, a chipmunk and lots of beautiful flowers, plants and more!  What perfect weather they had!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Suzuki Spring Concert Series Part I

We are so proud of our talented musicians who performed this week at our Suzuki concerts.  Part I featured our piano students and the debut of our saxophone player!  Bravo students!

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Guest from 1853

We had a visitor from 1853 visit English class this week!  In preparation for our trip to Growstown Schoolhouse, Mrs. Alphaus Blazedale, the wife of a ship captain from Bath, visited our CM1/CM2 classroom this morning. Thank you Mrs. Blazedale for your visit!  We can't wait to visit Growstown on the 25th!

State of Maine Video

In English Language Arts class, the CE2 class is currently studying the state of Maine.  This study includes researching facts about our state, along with choosing a region to study.  For this project, students learn about the 16 counties in Maine and also create a travel brochure.

We are so grateful for Dr. Lou, proud parent of Anca, who volunteered to make a video with the students.  This was an exciting day that students will never forget.  Merci Dr. Lou!

Stay tuned...  The video is coming soon!

Classroom Tick Awareness Workshops

Another huge thank you to Adina Bercowicz and Yan Zelener, Founders of LymeTV and proud parents of Julian, for classroom presentations this week on ticks.    

Adina and Yan, we are so grateful for all your work and expertise that you have graciously shared with our community. Merci!

Monday, May 14, 2018

Freckle Juice

If you have a 2nd Grade student that has recently developed freckles over the weekend, do not be alarmed!

In English Language Arts class students have been enjoying the wonderful novel Freckle Juice by Judy Blume.  Of course, when the main character mixed up a recipe to give him freckles, we had to do the same!  This was surely an English class that students will remember!

Tick Talk

Huge thank you to Adina Bercowicz and Yan Zelener, Founders of LymeTV and proud parents of Julian, for their informative Café et Conversation presentation this week on tick prevention and awareness.  

If you missed it, do not worry...  

Along with classroom presentations this week on tick awareness, workbooks will also be sent home in your child's backpack to complete and discuss at home.  Adina and Yan, we are so grateful for all your work and expertise that you have graciously shared with our community. Merci!

Historical Landmark and Continental Research Project

Students in our upper grade classroom have been researching continents.  For this project, they also had to learn about important historical landmarks in each continent.  Last week, students presented their work to the CE1/CE2 classroom.  Bravo!

La vie des poissons

Last Wednesday, GS-CP students enjoyed the visit of Greg Bell, family friend of Jeffrey and  Fish Culture Supervisor at Dry Mills Hatchery in Gray.

Students learned about the different stages in the life cycle of fish, and more particularly, of trout. Greg brought rainbow and brook trout at various stages of their development. Children were able to hold eggs in their hands and observe eye and backbone development. They also saw alevin with their sac of egg yolk attached to their bellies as well as the next stage: the fry stage. Of course, they learned how to name in French the main parts of a fish, as well as the names of the different stages of development.

They had a lot of questions and enjoyed learning more about Maine trouts and what is done in a hatchery.

Merci Greg for these wonderful moments!

Friday, May 11, 2018

Greely High School Partnership

This week we concluded our partnership with Greely High School Advanced French students.  Each week, they have read picture books on Wednesday afternoons to our GS/CP students.  This was a wonderful opportunity to exchange in French outside of our EFDM community.  Merci!


The GS/CP Students just finished a unit on Portraits.
First, they discovered Jean Dubuffet and the ART BRUT movement. Their first portrait was inspired by an American artist from that movement, Ted Gordon.
They only used pencils and black markers on paper for that project. They learned to divide their sheet of paper into different parts to place the eyes, nose and mouth on the shape of the face.

Their second portrait was inspired by Paul Klee's Head of a man and Buste d'enfant.
They used paint to create colorful pieces of art.

Then, they learned about Pop Art and used their observations to transform their own photo into "PoTraits".

Finally, they discovered another French artist, who was a friend of Jean Dubuffet, Eric Straw. He creates masks using cardboard. Which is what they also did.

All their beautiful artwork is on display in the school hallway. Everyone had a lot of fun!

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Non-fiction Animal Unit

2nd grade students recently completed their non-fiction animal study last week.  Students researched an animal of their choice.  They then made books that will be on display in the English room.  Bravo CE1 students!

Friday, May 4, 2018

Geology Project CM1/CM2/6ieme

Students of L'Ecole Française du Maine in Cycle 3 (grades 4-5) with Teacher Sophie Le Fanic on the shore of Casco Bay retracing the geological observations made by Louis Agassiz in the mid-19th Century in Maine.  These discoveries led to new paradigms: the Ice Age and Climate Change.  This project is sponsored by French Ministry of Education and its agencies in North America. We had fun, even during a downpour!